• Consultation & Research Design

    • Collaborate for the most appropriate research methodology to answer your research objective
    • Design surveys with the best practices to provide answers you need while engaging respondents
    • Coordinate with statisticians for strong analysis
    • Partner with graphic designers to provide impactful and story telling research presentations
  • Project Management

    • Host, organize, and lead project briefings
    • Manage recruiting and quotas
    • Partner with CRG facilities for product account and supplies
    • Manage coding of open ends
    • Monitor validation / quality capture questions in surveys
    • Translation and back translation to ensure accuracy in interpretation
    • Collaborate with data management to ensure date delivery timelines are met
  • Product Procurement & Distribution

    We offer product sourcing and fulfillment services throughout the nation, managed by our dedicated warehouse. CSS/datatelligence will coordinate the sourcing, packing, re-packing, and shipping of your products to project participants across the continental U.S.

    Product Sourcing & Fulfillment

    • Single and/or multiple source procurement
    • Coordination of code dates
    • Utilized for central location, home use, claims tests, and more

    Repacking, Masking, Coding, & Shipping Logistics

    • Dedicated warehouse for repacking, masking, and coding products
    • Trained and committed repack, shipping, and handling staff
    • On Staff Quality Assurance Team
  • Data Processing & Analysis



    Completed internally to ensure accuracy; verbatim responses are perused by project team



    Data are posted accurately and efficiently, cross-tabulations & additional request delivered in a timely manner



    Generated internally in order to monitor and ensure quality; all data is checked against raw data marginal



    All summarized data tables and charts are meticulously verified in-house prior to releasing to client