• Hybrid Quantitative & Qualitative Research

    Coupling qualitative and quantitative research in either order can add depth to your research project. Advanced technology is a key component to enabling a seamless blending of multiple methodologies. Our state-of-the-art technologies allow you to add a qualitative or behavioral element to your quantitative research.


    Survey Passport Mobile Application & QualTopics Chat Moderation Software

    • Real time chats with respondents in home during the home use phase
    • Videos & photos of product use uploaded by respondents via Survey Passport app, which automatically records respondent ID, date, and time
    • Significant cost savings over face-to-face, traditional in-depth interviews with moderators

    Session Test/In-Context Experience/Central Location Test & QualTopics Chat Moderation

    • Leveraging technology makes it possible to add a qualitative deep dive directly into quantitative surveys
    • In-depth interviews are triggered by consumer responses in real time
    • If the concept or product fails to meet consumer expectations, QualTopics allows you to immediately inquire further with a trained moderator

    Home Use Test & Survey Passport Mobile Application

    • Collect: Survey Passport makes it possible to collect consumer responses at precisely controlled intervals
    • Measure: Measure product effectiveness over time with notifications at prescribed intervals
    • Enrich: Collect quantitative and qualitative survey responses in real time (e.g. text, pictures, videos, or journal entries)

    Gang Survey & Focus Groups/In-Depth Interviews

    • Large session tests conducted with gangs of 10-15 respondents
    • Small group of respondents (5-6) will be selected from CLT or HUT sessions for mini focus groups to be conducted immediately following the CLT or HUT survey

    In Situ Research

    • Collect data when and where consumers are using or shopping for the product
    • Survey Passport’s handheld data collection technology makes it possible to collect quantitative, qualitative, behavioral, and ethnographic data in context
    • Consumers in a bar setting, home, workplace, or music festival are a few examples of In Situ research
  • Category Appraisal


    Using either central location or home use testing, an in-depth evaluation of a product category supports your advantages and improvement strategies for your category. For this approach, data is collected on your products and all major competitors as well as strong fringe performing products. Sensory Preference Mapping is often used in conjunction with a category appraisal in order to provide a robust view of the drivers of liking which influence consumers’ acceptance and purchase intent by layering descriptive analysis.

  • CSS Rapid Results

    Try CSS Rapid Results, our new program designed to get you the results you need in as few as 5 days, depending on the scope of your project. The CSS Rapid Results suite offers Mobile In-the-Moment and Face-to-Face CLT options:

    • Product evaluation, with or without concept
    • Find out what, where, and how products are incorporated in the home or out and about
    • An in-the-moment capture of an experience with a product or service